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9. Be The Dealer

Be The Dealer (BTD) is one of those rogue casinos that been getting away with shortchanging affiliates and players for years. A quick search of affiliate forums brings up a laundry list of complaints against the firm going back almost ten years. The main complaint against this operation is slow payments and missed payments.

Both Casinomeister and Affiliate Guard Dog have marked BTD rogue for repeated instances of non-payment. The story that plays out time and time again goes like this; BTD withholds legitimate payments until the player or affiliate starts making some noise to watchdog groups and mediators.

Once the mediator gets involved they agree to a payment plan that would be spread out over a very long time. One player who was owed $33,000 was offered monthly payments of only $1,000. After making a couple, token, payments, BTD stops sending checks and the whole process starts over again.

Rogues like BTD count on high player turnover and the anonymous nature of the Internet to get away with their dark dealing year in and year out. That’s why players and affiliates should always spend some time researching potential affiliate partners in online in places like CAP’s Casino Affiliate Scams & Warnings Forum.

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