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8. BWin

When affiliates enter into a contract with an online casino that guarantees lifetime revenue from player accounts, they expect the casino to live up to those terms. After all, the affiliates are expected to live up their ends. But last year Bwin retroactively changed the terms and conditions of their affiliate program, earning themselves instantaneous rogue status.

The new terms not only cut off revenue streams, they weighed almost every clause in the contract in Bwin’s favor. Affiliates were expected to jump through a lot of hoops to get money they’d rightfully earned and were also expected to continue sending players Bwin’s way if they wanted to retain revenues.

Affiliates who try challenging these new terms and conditions find out that they’ll have to take their case to court in Gibraltar or some other distant location.

To keep things simple, casinos that are changing their terms and conditions should grandfather in old affiliates. It’s just that easy.

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