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7. Gambling Wages

Some companies never seem to learn from their mistakes and Gambling Wages seems to be one of them. They’ve been around since 2002 when they were known as Virtual Casino Group, and have been making appearances on Rogue and Blacklists pretty much ever since. Nearly every description of the company on watchdog sites includes a mention of sloppy management practices.

They are regularly accused of missing payments and shortchanging affiliates. Company officials regularly offer up excuses and promises to change, but nothing really ever changes. But what’s really disturbing is the volume of customer complaints that include that old standby, “We shut down your account because we don’t like your style of play.”

That an outfit like this has operated so long, with so many problems says a lot about the need for legalized, regulated gaming on a worldwide level. Until then, affiliates and players should steer clear of Gambling Wages.

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