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4. Jackpots Heaven

Jackpots Heaven was one of the most notorious rogue casinos in the brief history of Internet gambling. And even though they’ve been shuttered for more than a year, their story is worth revisiting as a cautionary tale.

Back in 2010, Jackpots Heaven committed just about every offense an online casino could make. The list of offenses included illegally using competitor’s software; claiming to be located in Costa Rica and regulated by a bogus regulatory agency. (Their servers were actually located in the U.K.; stealing a competitor’s terms and conditions; hiring shills to post in forums as happy customers; and more.

But what’s really interesting is that Jackpots Heaven was exposed by an online forum poster who questioned their Baccarat games. That led other posters to dig down and expose the entire charade. The Jackpots Heaven story shows that the affiliate and gaming industries are very good at self-regulation when given the opportunity.

Jackpots Heaven threatened legal action back in 2010 when a forum member posted some information about them. “Haven’t seen something that unprofessional in awhile. Not sure how legal threats are a ‘friendly warning.’ Guess it speaks to how they run their program. Funny enough they recently contacted us to join their program. We will be avoiding,” CAP forum member webber286 said at the time.

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