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3. Grand Prive

It’s never a good sign when you Google a company and the first three results include the company’s corporate site followed by three articles, from three separate sources warning against doing business with them. But that’s exactly what you get when you Google Grand Prive.

Since 2007, Grand Prive has been a very controversial player in the iGaming and affiliate world. Their biggest misstep was shutting down their affiliate program after promising webmasters a lifetime commission on new players. But after shuttering the program, Grand Prive continued taking new players. Not surprisingly, this didn’t go over well with webmasters. Company executives dropped the ball again by never properly addressing the issue with the iGaming community.

Though Grand Prive is still in business today, many affiliates steer clear of them. Earlier this year, company officials finally addressed the issues from 2008, but it was widely perceived as too little, too late. “They have been settling with some affs – but not with me, they still owe me a good chunk of money,” Dominique said back in February. Grand Prive has a tremendous amount of work to do if they ever hope to regain the trust of the affiliate community.

Grand Prive properties include:

  • Grand Bay
  • Grand Bay Poker
  • Bella Vegas
  • Jupiter Club
  • Lake Palace
  • Roadhouse Reels
  • Fortune Junction
  • Jackpot Wheel
  • Villa Fortuna

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