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10. Red Hot Revenue

Red Hot Revenue’s is another rogue that just doesn’t seem to care what kind of reputation they carry in the affiliate world.

They’re regularly accused of non-payment and have been blacklisted and labeled Rogue by almost every credible watchdog site on the Internet, but they still keep playing the same game. RHR’s offenses are especially egregious given the fact that they’ve regularly displayed certification logos from advocate sites like Affiliateguarddog.com even after receiving the rogue designation.

While RHR does occasionally respond to affiliate complaints in forums, they rarely seem to follow through with promises to pay. Reading through forum threads of complaints against this outfit can be an absolutely stomach churning experience. Affiliates are regularly cheated out of payments totaling tens of thousands of dollars.

Despite their regular offenses against affiliates, RHR is still in business and should be avoided at all costs.


The casino affiliate business is very complex and most webmasters are juggling a number of sites and partners at the same time. But the system should be a lot less complicated on the casino side. iGaming companies have no reason to pull the rug out from under the very people who are sending them business day in and day out.

Fortunately, there are plenty of resources affiliate marketers can use to help them sort out the honest operators from the rogues. Here at CAP, our directory of affiliate programs and Scams provide unfiltered advice and information about which programs are above board and which ones should be avoided like the plague.

What’s the WORST program you’ve ever worked with? Let us know in our forum thread!

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