Got five minutes?

WordPress is one of the most successful open source programs in computing history. It’s easy to use, free and constantly improving. This ease of use makes it a perfect fit for affiliate marketers with multiple sites.

Installing WordPress takes around five minutes and is a good primer for learning just how easy and effective this tool can be. Although some users are intimidated by terms like, open source, plug-ins and subdirectories they shouldn’t be. Here’s a quick guide for breaking down some key concepts in the organization’s famous 5-Minute Install.

Getting Ready

Before you get too far into the installation, make certain you’ve got your ducks a lined up in a row, beginning with you hardware. WordPress is pretty good about keeping their products compatible with older versions of MySQL and PHP so don’t worry if you’re not running the latest and greatest versions.

WordPress also recommends that you have access to the following before getting started:

  • Web server
  • Text Editor
  • FTP Client
  • Web browser
  • Printed copy of the complete five minute install instructions
  • The latest version of WordPress, which you can download here. (Remember, WordPress updates make websites more secure, so be certain to update regularly.)

The Install

The 5-minute install is every bit as simple as advertised and we’ll touch on the basics here. It’s a six step process that should be very straightforward for anyone who is comfortable with basic computing.

1. Unzip the WordPress file you downloaded earlier.

2. Make a WordPress database and MySQL user on your system. Be certain that the user has all appropriate admin and modification permissions.

3. Change the name of the file titled, wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php.

4. Using a text editor, open up the wp-config.php file and start filling the information about your particular database. This will generate the password you’ll need going forward.

5. Send the WordPress files to the desired location on your web server.

6. Pull up your web browser and run the installation script wp-admin/install.php.

That’s the entire process. If you need more details on any of these steps, you can find them here. The install is a little bit different for Mac users, but it’s still pretty straight forward.

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Automated Installation

One of the great things about working with open source software is that there are tons of great applications to help you at every step of the way. If you’re just not interested in fiddling around text editors and sub directories, check out a WordPress auto installer like Fantastico.

After the Install

Once WordPress is up and running, you can start digging into some of the really really great plug-ins that make this system so easy to use. There’s no shortage of gaming oriented plug-ins and themes that make life a little easier for affiliates.

For more information on getting the most out of WordPress, check out the CAP WordPress archive.

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