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Dominique (far right)


Yes, that image is real! Dominique, the popular gambling affiliate who is also the woman behind GamesandCasino.com and a treasured member of the CAP team, stole Michael Caselli’s attention away from this young blonde at an iGaming awards ceremony. This is how powerful and persuasive this amazing woman is. Throughout her gambling affiliate career, Dominique has stood up for affiliate’s rights and she was once a pioneer in developing the basic terms and conditions that affiliates see as the norm today.

In 2009, Dominique won the CAP award for “Best Skill Gaming Affiliate” in recognition of her avid skills as a gaming affiliate. She’s also a moderator and active member of the CAP forums.

If you’ve wandered around the CAP forums, then you’ve probably collected great insight and advice from her, but if you haven’t then what are you waiting for!?

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