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6. Promotion

Depending on the topic of your guest post you might be able to include some info about the thing you’re promoting (a product, or a service, no matter if yours or affiliate).

If you do it properly, some people will visit your site and take action on your offer. There’s no guarantee in terms of conversion rates, but still, some number of people WILL take action.

7. Money

There are two kinds of guest posts: free posts and paid posts. Even though the market-wide standard is free guest posting, some site owners will offer you money if they find your post quality enough.

Actually, many websites are open about the fact that they offer money in exchange for guest posts. The amount of money that can be made is usually between $20 and $200 per post.

8. Practice

Practice makes perfect, right? Guest posting is great for practicing your writing skills. But you need to analyze your results after each guest posts. How many comments did you receive? How many social media shares? And so on.

Once you have the data you can tell what works well and what doesn’t. You can use this knowledge when creating your marketing materials or other written content.

What’s your take on guest blogging? Have you tried it yet?

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