Search engines are still the main tool people use to find relevant content, products, and basically anything else that’s of interest to them at the moment. Platforms like Twitter or Facebook are still far behind when it comes to driving targeted traffic.

This is due to the fact that when people search, they are basically ready to convert on one thing or another – be it information, advice, or products.

But having a good spot in the search engine rankings isn’t something that will earn you good commissions on its own. To make it work, you need to create your pages in a way that speaks to the specific visitor’s intent.

Mind the Searcher’s Intent

There are different kinds of keywords people use on Google.

  • Some keywords are purely informational. For example, someone searching for “Super Bowl XLVIII results” is just looking for information.
  • Other phrases are what’s called buyer keywords. A buyer keyword is something that a person uses when they are thinking about taking advantage of a certain offer and just need a final nudge to take the step forward. For example, phrases like “Product X review” are buyer keywords.

So in order to convert your search engine visitors, you need to make sure that your page is in tune with the visitor’s intent and the keyword type.

Answering the Big Question

The question your visitors are asking every time when they come from a search engine is: “Am I in the right place?”

If the answer is an immediate “no,” there’s nothing else you can do with clever pop-ups or great offers overall. They will just leave and proceed to the next result on the list.

Here’s how to make sure that their answer is “yes”:

  1. Present exactly what they need. Always make sure to present the one element that the visitor is looking for right away. For example, if the page is meant to speak to people looking for reviews, show them some traditional elements that most reviews usually have. Things like ratings, pros and cons blocks, opinions, etc.
  2. Don’t try to be clever and trick people. Again, if the user is after a review, they won’t care that much about a purely promotional page, talking about a product in all superlatives. They will see right through it and leave.
  3. Use only minimal content. Clutter is the biggest conversion killer of them all. If you want to grow your conversion rates, remove stuff from your pages. Leave only the essential elements – the ones that answer the question, “Am I in the right place?”

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