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Founded: 2005

How Many Users: Reddit doesn’t require signups but it’s estimated that about 114 million visitors use the site each month.

What it is: Reddit is a content-focused social network that features endless sub-groups (called Sub-Reddits) that cover everything from environmental issues to celebrity nudes.

Demographic Snapshot:

Gambling Friendly?: Reddit is the Wild West of the internet and doesn’t seem particularly interested in enforcing strict moral codes on its users. So yes, Reddit is a welcoming environment for igaming types.

Content Marketing Value: Reddit postings can definitely have some value as part of a larger content marketing plan, especially if you’re good with getting viral.

What’s the Lowdown?: Reddit users are the very essence of the internet and love picking apart posts that they don’t like. If you can avoid the overly-promotional content and have a pretty thick skin, Reddit is a decent place to get some content traction.

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