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Are you listening, Roger Goodell?

Chris Christie

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is a big man, but is he big enough to knock the iron-clad American sports betting ban? That’s exactly what he’s setting out do and we think his chances are as good, or better, than anybody’s. Christie’s promised to take that fight all the way to the US Supreme Court and he’s put together enough legal firepower to give his state more than a fighting chance.

So far, Christie has done an impressive job of bringing the Garden State’s regulated online casino business to life and could easily be the man that saves Atlantic City from certain doom. Even better, the new New Jersey could actually be getting a jump on its long time rival Nevada in the regulated igaming arms race.

New Jersey is very fortunate to have a state leader who is both popular with his constituents (a true rarity in US politics) who is also willing to carry the banner for both land-based and internet casino gaming.

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