Casino affiliates have never had an easy time implementing white hat link-building strategies that Google covets because it wants nothing to do with the gambling business.

That, and the lingering effects of Penguin, have left plenty of publishers with a gaping hole in their SEO plans where paid links, link exchanges and article directories once were.

In short, the whole process can be a major headache, but according to a lengthy YouMoz Blog case study by Sam Miranda titled, White Hat Link Building in the Gambling Industry, getting past the stigma and on the radar is possible if you’re willing to work. Here are a few of his recommendations.

Find Viable Topics for Guest Posting

Miranda correctly points out that gambling touches many different aspects of modern life. Whether it’s technology, sports or business strategies, you can find a way to bring a gambling story (or your company’s story) into the context of another market.

You might not get anywhere pitching a story about online gambling strategies, but you may find some traction with a story about how gambling strategies apply in the business world.

Miranda’s point is that flexibility can open doors that might otherwise be shut to gambling sites.

Convincing Outreach

There are a limited number of high quality authority sites on the web which means that the editors of those sites are inundated with guest blog requests.

To make your request stand out, Miranda suggests attaching a file with the completed article with your e-mail. This not only shows the editor that you’re serious, it also shows them exactly what you’ve got in mind.

We also appreciate the fact that Miranda is not above impersonating a journalist to grab a guest post. While we would never condone that kind of deception, it does show real moxie.


Diversity is a huge piece of the content puzzle that lots of affiliates overlook completely. With a broad array of content, you’ll be able to attract a more diverse set of links.

Remember also to keep shareability factor in mind when brainstorming this kind of content.

Once you’ve executed this plan, carefully track where your content winds up, who shares it first, and who kept sharing it. This can be time-consuming, but metrics like this help you make the most of your marketing resources.

Getting Started

Miranda points would-be guest bloggers in the direction of a few big guest blog opportunities that are high quality and plenty friendly towards gambling content.

These sites are a perfect place to start guest blogging and getting a white hat link-building campaign in gear.


White hat link-building takes time, but that kind of ground level SEO is exactly what Google seems to appreciate these days. It’s also a strategy that pays increased dividends over time.


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