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3. Nothing in poker is more exciting than the WSOP.

Playing in the WSOP for seven straight years has resulted in the experience taking on a hum-drum quality from my perspective. I can remember how exciting it was to me the first time I went though. I see this excitement every year on the faces of first-time participants and I have to say, it’s awesome.

There is nothing about the game of poker more exciting than going to the WSOP. Every poker player dreams of showing up in Vegas and winning all the gold and glory in front of the ESPN cameras. To see the excitement on the faces of first-time participants at the WSOP is a reminder of how truly electrifying poker’s appeal has become. It gets me excited just to see how excited or nervous a first-timer is.

Players will come to Vegas in the summer to play a $1,000 buy-in tournament without even expecting to do well. They just want to be there and say they sat with the pros in the biggest game in the world. These recreational players don’t view their tournament buy-in as an investment but rather an expense in order to acquire the memory of a lifetime.

Recreational players are the lifeblood of the WSOP. They keep the whole operation afloat. If you can coordinate with an online poker room a promotion through which your players can win a trip to Vegas to participate in the WSOP, expect it to be wildly popular.

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