Take a quick look at your favorite affiliate marketing forum or news site and you’ll find almost no mention of the World Series of Baseball. Not even the big online books like Bodog are giving this massive event much play at all. But for site operators who know what they’re looking for, using the World Series to drive traffic and build income is easy.

So why are affiliate marketers and online sports books all but ignoring this plum opportunity to harvest new players from the United States and across the world?

Attracting International Depositors

For decades, the World Series of Baseball has been known as an all American event. But with a host of foreign born players and a broadcast that covers 225 countries, it’s more of an international event than ever.

This year, for example, Mexico-born St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Jamie Garcia will be taking the mound in several games.  It’s estimated that as many as 25 million people in Mexico will be turning on their televisions and computers to watch him in action. If that’s not an incredible opportunity to get new depositors, I don’t know what would be.

But Garcia isn’t all that unique. Almost every series features at least one international all-star who generates tremendous interest in his home country. Site operators who tailor content that’s appealing to these fans are in a position to benefit greatly from international audiences.

American Baseball Demographics

If the millions of potential affiliates across the planet aren’t enough incentive to make you want to chase baseball fans, think of the potential domestic market. Over sixty percent of baseball fans fall into the coveted 18 to 49-year-old demographic. American baseball fans are mostly Caucasian and more than half of them live in households that make more than $75,000 a year and as many as 80 percent of them have college degrees. You’re probably thinking that these demographics look familiar, and you’re right. Baseball fans and poker players are cut from the same cloth and that’s great news for affiliate marketers.

Because the World Series occurs when college and professional football are just hitting their stride, it’s easy to overlook. But the end of baseball season means that all those hardcore baseball fans are going to be without their favorite past time until spring training. So why not drive them towards online poker, football betting or even futures bets for next season?

If the only World Series you’re promoting is the World Series of Poker, you’re leaving money on the table.

What are you doing for the World Series? Let us know in the Forums.

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