West Virginia, one of the most conservative states in the entire United States, is on board to be the latest state to offer regulated sports betting to its citizens. State lawmakers approved the action in May and casinos and regulators are working full bore to insure that the whole operation is up and running before American football starts in earnest in September.

According to a report on WVNews.com, state regulators have already sent out draft documents to operators to help them prepare for the big roll out in just a few, short weeks. Last month, some operators complained that they hadn’t actually received any documentation from the State, but State officials say that matter has been resolved and all that paper was sent out by July 9.

There has definitely been a bit of chaos in the race to get sports betting ready to go in time for football season, which is evidenced by the fact that the WV legislature wrote up the regulation in question during an emergency meeting in June. Legislators add that even more time was needed as the state’s Governor wanted additional time to review the new regulations.

That chaos, however, seems to be in the past. In a statement to WVNews.com earlier this week, State Lottery Attorney Danielle Boyd said, “They’ll be up (and running) for the NFL season sometime in September.” (The State Lottery Commission is running sports betting in the State.)

When it actually gets going in September, West Virginia will be the fourth or fifth US State to offer regulated sports betting to its citizens – depending on when Mississippi gets it up and running.

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