ESS' new stat-heavy look.

In the web’s early days a website redesign usually didn’t involve much more than switching out graphics and, maybe, adding a few new links. Those simple changes were enough to impress end-users who’d only been on the web a few years, but that’s not how things work anymore.

These days, end-users are a pretty sophisticated bunch who demand major functional changes that transform their relationship with the site.

Meeting up with those sky high expectations isn’t easy but it’s something the team at (ESS) was able to achieve with their recent redesign.

By harnessing the power of big data and algorithms, ESS was able to both fully exploit the potential of their niche in the crowded sports wagering category and offer their readers enhanced value.

ESS’ feature-heavy redesign is built on a proprietary algorithm that calculates the winning percentages for each team in a given match.

Creating this algorithm was a time-intensive task that involved extracting data from the top five soccer leagues throughout the 2012 season. When the new functionality was released in time for the 2013/2014 season, it had a major impact on ESS’ page rankings.

According to an ESS spokesperson, the redesign helped ESS land on the first page of search results for the first time ever. That’s no small feat in the uber-competitive world of Euro soccer wagering.

While enhanced data is a major draw, especially for sports bettors, it’s not much good if it’s not presented in a usable and visually appealing manner. In that category ESS hit the ball squarely in the net.

The new ESS look and feel presents end-users with a host of really useful statistics in a very eye-pleasing and useful manner. Compared to the site’s old format, the new algorithm offers exponentially larger amounts of useful data that help punters feel like they’veĀ  That slew of information is exactly what sports bettors, both experts and amateurs, eat right up.

Authoritative statistics like this also give ESS a feeling of gravitas that suggests a team of sports wagering wizards are behind the scenes. (Given the challenges of creating sports betting algorithms, this may not be such an exaggeration.)

The added bonus of presenting all this useful data is that it adds credibility to the CTA’s that are subtly presented throughout the page.

ESS also reports that their new format has turned into SEO gold and landed them higher rankings than than they’ve ever seen. When considering Google’s well publicized call for quality content, this makes plenty of sense.

Finally, the ESS site redesign includes a subtle new display ad quadrant that serves up personalized ads for every viewer. If ESS hadn’t beefed up its content, these ads would be a major distraction. But with so much new information on the page, they fit right in with the overall design scheme.

Overall, ESS has grabbed the brass ring by keeping the design elements that made their site look great in the first place, while piling on tons of value for their end-users. The results speak for themselves and should give ESS a huge boost in their niche.



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