Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential, but time consuming aspect of the affiliate marketing business. And while there are plenty of free tools, like Google’s Keyword Analyzer, that help speed keyword research and search engine submissions, having access to all them in one place is incredibly convenient. That’s why the Web CEO SEO software suite is a product worth taking a look at.

Web CEO SEO Tools

Web CEO is dedicated suite of applications designed to help webmasters easily introduce SEO best practices to their site by providing both SEO analysis and advice, as well as search engine submission and other useful features. And it all begins with comprehensive keyword analysis.

Webmasters start using Web CEO by simply typing in a set of potential keywords. Web CEO takes it from there by providing a list of suggested keywords based on Google Adwords analytics. Users can easily integrate these keyword sets as part of their overall SEO strategy.

Ongoing SEO Analysis

But optimizing web content isn’t something that can be done once and left to sit. Properly optimizing a website is an ongoing process that requires frequent revisiting and that seems to be one of Web CEO’s real strengths. Once the initial keyword sets have been selected, the software generates an SEO-to-do-list that provides specific action items for making the most of optimized content.

Web CEO’s SEO Analyzer function looks at every page on a site to ensure that keywords are being used properly. This helps insure that those critical keywords and phrases are not being over used or used improperly. After all, there’s no point in trying to optimize web content if it won’t pass muster by Google’s notoriously finicky gatekeepers.

Search Engine Submission Tools

Search engines like Google and Bing are the lifeblood of the Internet and getting content submitted to them is absolutely essential. That’s why Web CEO’s search engine submission feature should be a big help, especially to smaller sites.

Check out more about Web CEO and how to make it work for your business.

The site submission tool allows webmasters to easily submit their site map and content to a wide variety of search engines and directories with just a few clicks. And because Web CEO looks for authority sites, this can help build up a nice collection of prime backlinks.

And once those back links have been established, Web CEO’s Back Link Checker and Broken Link Checker will help insure that those connections are well maintained. It doesn’t take too many broken links to drive a website’s rankings down, making them almost invisible to search engines.

Pricing and Packages

Web CEO offers up a number of bundles and price plans that are appropriate for both large and small operations. These range for an unlimited free trial package, with limited number of projects and keywords to the Platinum package that’s aimed at large corporations and includes an unlimited number of keywords and projects, as well as tech support.

A Good Fit for Affiliates

Most of Web CEO’s features are well suited for affiliate marketers who rely on good SEO practices to stay in business. This product is a good fit for webmasters whether they’re just learning about SEO or have been at the game for years.

Affiliate marketers should find Web CEO’s tools and dashboard easy to use, especially the tools that allow sites to compare their use of keywords to specific competitors.

And with a wide range of price plans and support packages, the cost of entry for Web CEO is very affordable.

Keeping track of, and implementing, good SEO practices is not always easy for affiliate marketers. Web CEO is a good way of both implementing, and learning, these vital tools without spending a lot of time in a classroom or simply guessing what’s going to work best.

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