Here’s a post-Memorial Day update on the War on Poker.

Online poker network Cake Poker sent an email to all players at Victory Poker this morning saying their accounts would be upgraded to Cake Poker accounts on June 1, 2011.

From the player’s perspective, all of their rewards, gold cards, gold chips and tournament tickets will be moved into new Cake Poker accounts. It’s likely there will be little impact on Victory Poker players, because Cake Poker has been providing the software, billing and player support for Victory Poker.

Because Cake Poker was already handling the software, cashier and customer support for Victory Poker, it’s unlikely much will change for Victory Poker players.

According to published reports, Victory Poker will continue as a strategy, news and affiliate website for poker and non-poker related products. It apparently will not continue as an online poker site.

Most of Victory Poker’s marketing focused on the U.S. market until April 18, 2011, when Victory chose to no longer accept players from the United States.

Wondering how this news will impact your online casino affiliate business?

Check out our upcoming webinar, when Victory Poker’s CEO, Dan Fleyshman, joins Jeremy Enke, Aaron Gerdes and Herb Jenkins to discuss next steps for poker affiliates in the United States.

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