NFL football season runs from August until February and presents an incredible opportunity for creating conversions from football-crazed sports bettors.

During football season the NFL commands massive audiences who lap up every second of marquee games across the League. The NFL’s legion of fans happily stay tuned for marquee match-ups on Sunday, Monday and Thursday nights, even if when their home town favorites aren’t playing.

If you’ve been looking for a piece of the NFL action, here are a few specific tips for creating conversions during football season.

Driving NFL Traffic with Content

NFL fans are serious about their wagering efforts and have no problem searching the web for the best bonuses; games picks; and betting guides.  This means you’ll need to invest heavily in content if you want a piece of the NFL pie.

In a recent interview with Calvin Ayre’s Becky Liggero, Ian Smith of explained the value of free picks, “Free picks are poor converters but essential for sending good signals to the search engines, as well as encouraging your users to come back to your site each week.”

That is to say, every week there are thousands of searches for free picks on specific games and the more of them you post on your sites, the more traffic you’ll receive.

Using Social Media

Effectively utilizing social media is a major challenge for affiliates of all sizes but Smith, and other web marketing experts, agree that it’s a critical component for success in the NFL wagering marketplace.

Smith suggests using contests and other promotions to goose your social media interactions. (Though he agrees that chasing interactions is a challenge, it’s one that’s become a necessity on today’s web.)

Expanding Your Audience

Football is the American past time these days but it’s important to remember that Yanks are not the only ones who love the game.

Every year the NFL throws its considerable marketing resources towards expanding its audience outside of its home base.

This push includes multiple games in London every regular season and pre-season games in places like Tokyo; and tons of simulcasts in an array of languages.

Though Smith, and pretty much everyone else acknowledge that the Asian-Pacific market for NFL wagering is miniscule at best, the European and Latin American markets are still wide open.

Targeting these specific audiences is a great way of doing end-run around your larger competitors while establishing your own marketplace niche.

Bet Outside of the Box

Setting aside the thousands of US-facing sports betting affiliates, it’s important to remember that online sports wagering is still illegal in the Good Old U-S-of-A. (Though that’s hardly stemmed the flow of betting slips to offshore sportsbooks.)

There is, however, a legal alternative that’s slowly growing in popularity; week-long fantasy football leagues from sites like FanDuel and Draft Kings.

These games, which are considered games of skill not chance, offer fans a chance to draft players for a single week of real-money fantasy football competition.

Though they’re still a small niche, major marketing efforts are bringing them to the attention of the United States’ 30 million+ fantasy players.


NFL season is a six-month grind that extracts a huge toll from the men who play the game, but it’s a gold mine for sports betting affiliates who are looking to boost their revenue streams.


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