Full Tilt Poker’s US players were once the center of the online poker world with money to burn and unlimited opportunities. Of course that was before the US Department of Justice put the kibosh on the golden age of poker and froze all that cash in a state of suspended animation.

When Amaya Gaming purchased Full Tilt Poker from the US Government, they agreed to pay off the company’s former US players and that remittance process has been ongoing for the past several years.

This week, the company is releasing an additional $2.6 million in funds to help settle some of the last remaining claims. It’s the eighth round of remittance and will include payments to approximately 1,180 former players, according the Garden City Group (GCG), the company that’s been handling the Full Tilt Poker remittance.

What makes this particular round of payments interesting is that, according to GCG, it’s aimed mostly at the players who were labelled as, “professionals” and those who had previously disputed their payments. That alone makes the payments a major milestone in a process that has been ongoing for several years.

In what amounted to a short progress reports, GCG also reported that approximately 94% of all submitted claims have been settled and that all submitted claims have been reviewed. The company also pointed out that each account settlement must be approved by the Department of Justice.

Though the Full Tilt Poker remittance process has been lengthy, it’s impressive that it’s gone off at all, and in a relatively smooth manner at that.

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