The Ukraine has been featured prominently in headlines across the world recently but most of them have glossed right over the big developments in the Ukrainian gambling market. According to a recent report published on, the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers recently gave its blessings to an effort to legalize gambling across that troubled land.

Earlier this week, the Cabinet of Ministers produced an“>Action Plan for the country that included wide range of subject, such as amber mining and gambling regulation.

In the Action Plan, the Ministers lay out a framework for regulated gambling in the country that’s centered around casinos in hotels. The plan, as it stands, is pretty short on details but involves hotels and the introduction of internationally approved standards.

Gambling has been illegal in the Ukraine since 2009 but, not surprisingly, black and grey market gambling are both thriving in the country. notes that plenty of legitimate operators, who are licensed in other countries, are currently serving the Ukrainian market.

The plan pitched by the Ministers, however, is focused more on land-based casinos than web-based casinos. The Ukraine, which has been defending itself against Russian proxy armies since 2014, is seriously interested in raising revenue of all kind and establishing itself as a tourist destination. The Ukrainian government is estimating that regulated gambling in hotels could raise between $85 million – $100 million in additional tax revenue every year.

Support for regulated gambling in the country is relatively tepid with just 47 percent of citizens supporting its passage.


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