The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has a message for the gaming operators under their jurisdiction regarding their recent crackdowns on advertising, things are only going to get worse from here. That’s the message UKGC the UKGC’s program director for consumer protection & empowerment Ian Angus delivered at a recent gathering titled, Responsible Marketing for Gambling Operators.

Angus did not mince words when telling attendees that the general public, and the regulators who are there to protect them, have enough of sketchy ads from operators and that their attitude towards the industry is, “hardening.” He went on to point out that the public’s trust in the gambling business has cratered, along with their patience for seeing a continuous string of operators taken to task for violating advertising standards. Angus also pointed out a recent survey that found two-thirds of UK residents want to discourage gambling ads in the first place.

All told, it’s a pretty precarious time to be serving the UK gambling market, and Angus promises rough seas ahead.

One particularly troubling point for the UK-facing gaming industry is that regulators will likely re-visit its decision from earlier in the year to not put further restrictions on gambling ads. Apparently the public was a bit overwhelmed by World Cup wagering ads that aired this summer and is ready to see a lot less gambling advertising on their airwaves.

One result of public backlash against the gambling business is a new code of conduct that goes into effect at the end of the month. The new code consists mainly of new, more severe penalties for operators who run afoul of advertising standards.

In short, there are some pretty stormy seas ahead for the UK gambling industry.

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