The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has suspended EveryMatrix’s gaming license as it investigates the company’s current level of compliance with the increasingly strict rules and regulations of operating and serving the UK gambling market. EveryMatrix has not lost its license and company officials are cooperating with the Commission in hopes that they will be back in the market sometime in the near future.

According to a report on SBC News, the suspension was made in compliance with Section 18.2 of the Gambling Act 2005 which allows the UKGC to suspend a company’s license the moment they think they’re not in compliance with regulations. This isn’t something that happens often and the details regarding why EveryMatrix was selected for this sort of scrutiny remain murky.

In a statement to SBC News, a spokesperson for the Commission said, “The Commission has determined to suspend the above operating licence insofar as it pertains to the operator’s ability to offer remote facilities for real event betting other than pool betting or betting on virtual events, and to operate a remote casino.”

Company officials are scrambling to get back into the Commission’s good graces and stress that customers will not feel any impact from the move and that their accounts are both safe and accessible. A spokesperson for EveryMatrix reassured players saying, “During this period EveryMatrix will continue to deliver a fair and safe experience to its players. All players will be able to access their accounts and withdraw any funds held in it at any time. Ante-post bets will be honoured, so if you have placed bets on future events these will be paid out as usual if they become winning bets.”

EveryMatrix is being singled out today, but they’re hardly the only UK gaming licensee that’s experiencing additional scrutiny from the Commission. Operators across the spectrum have felt increased regulatory wrath as the UKGC tightens control over the industry in an effort to clean up compliance issues and provide additional protections for problem gamblers.

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