Deposit bonus offers have long been a mainstay of marketing operations for online gambling operators worldwide. But while these offers look great on paper, most players know that actually earning their promised bonus can be incredibly difficult or even impossible.

It’s an issue that’s not currently sitting well with the regulators at the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) who earlier this week issued a £100,000 penalty to Broadway Gaming for promoting a misleading bonus offer to its UK customers.

At issue is an advertisement that ran in June of 2016 that gave players the chance to, “Deposit £10. Play £35.” While most experienced players know that this sort of offer is always mired in terms and conditions, some apparently were not wise to this fact. And that’s where the UKGC comes into the picture.

By advertising the bonus offer without clearly stating the terms and conditions that went along with it, the UKGC said that Broadway Gaming had violated the UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising and Direct & Promotional Marketing (CAP Code). This is the code that governs advertising by UK-facing gaming operators.

Officials at Broadway Gaming acknowledged their error and agreed to pull the advertisement from the UK advertising space and from their gaming affiliate networks. The company also agreed to pay a £100,000 fine. Representatives for the company have also stated they will be working closely with the UKGC in the future to insure that their advertising and marketing materials are compliant with UK laws and regulations.

The UKGC had promised that it would be cracking down on bonus offers and this action against Broadway Gaming is proof that they should be taken at their word.

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