The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) and a working group of UK gambling operators have reached an agreement that will mark major changes in the standard business operating practices of their businesses. Under the terms of the accord, UK operators will implement new measures to limit the age of VIP players, reduce slots speeds, and age restrict their advertising on platforms like YouTube.

Under the terms of the new accord, operators agreed to some strict new guidelines regarding exactly who can be a VIP player. Specifically, players under the age of 25 are barred from VIP play entirely. Those players who do still qualify for VIP play will be subject to more vigorous background checks regarding their financial and emotional well being. Operators expect this phase of the agreement to be implemented withing three months.

Operators also agreed to restrict their advertising on social media platforms and YouTube to players 25 and over. They also agreed to use “negative SEO” practices to help reduce the chances that problem gamblers will run across their advertisements. This part of the accord will also apply to casino affiliates.

On the slot machine front, the operators will be implementing new practices to slow the pace of slot play to no more than one spin every 2.5 seconds. Features that speed play, such as turbo boosts, will become a thing of the past under the new rules. This phase of the agreement is expected to be fully implemented by September.

By entering into a voluntary agreement with the UKGC, gambling operators are gambling that they can stay ahead of more draconian measures instituted by the Commission in the future.

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