Lottery as the game of the poor man has long been an issue of debate in the UK. In 2009 the game was dubbed “a tax on the poor” by the Telegraph, but since then the online lottery market has grown in significance and therefore one has to consider the demographics of the UK players online to figure out who’s in the audience.

Looking at a poll from 2008, draw based games, like Lotto, were mostly in demand by skilled manual workers. Moving into mid 2012 one might wonder if these numbers are relevant for UK lotto affiliates. Keeping the old poll from 2008 in mind and pairing it with the UK players active online today one could certainly come to some useful conclusions…

Online Lottery Games in the UK

If we look at an international lottery game like EuroMillions, it has become increasingly popular in the UK. It gives the average player a chance to win £1 million free of tax. There have been several UK winners on the EuroMillions, but there have also been winning tickets without anyone claiming them! UK lotto affiliates might want to consider ways to follow up on the winning tickets and inspire the players to play the game more actively. If those players that unwittingly contributed their winnings to charity would have been regulars on a smart affiliate site, they would have been all the happier for it today. If one looks at the UK online player demographics it appears as if a great deal of the gamblers are of middle age and up. This is important to think about when shaping campaigns and affiliate sites that will attract the actual audience.

Lotto Affiliate Programs

There are several good choices for lotto affiliates that would like to give this niche a go. One example is LottoElite that is currently running a special offer for members of CAP. Other suitable affiliate programs to look into right now are and Affiliates that do well in this nice are not only utilizing the best programs, they are also making sure to deliver updated sites with news and special offers to the potential gamblers. They make it easy for the players to find the results of the latest draw in a way that fits a person that might not be an Internet savvy but a lotto player since decades.

To see the full list of lotto affiliate programs in the UK, check out the CAP directory.

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