February 3, 2011 (CAP PR Wire) – Online poker site UB.com has wrapped its 15-day UBOC schedule in super exciting style, welcoming 1,036 players to the UBOC Championship $1,000+50 buy-in event, hosted by newest addition to Team UB, Prahlad Friedman. With a $1,036,000 prize pool on the table, the battle for the Championship title promised to be fierce from the outset, and proved a perfect finale to this year’s sixth UBOC online tournament series.

“An incredible final event to end an incredible tournament series. UBOC6 managed to surpass all of our expectations going in, and then some. So much prize money, so many poker hands, and quite a few bad beats thrown in for good measure,” enthused Team UB’s Joe Sebok. “The UB community came out in full force throughout and we’re already spinning on how to do it even bigger for them for UBOC7. Congratulations to all the UBOC6 champions,” added Sebok.

The UBOC Championship No Limit Hold’em event kicked off on Sunday, January 30th at 16:00 ET. A long 12 hours and thirteen minutes after the first shuffle-up-and-deal was called, online poker player THEDECANO, resident of Sao Paulo in Brazil, claimed the UBOC Championship title, $231,338.80 in prize money, and the limited edition UBOC Championship watch.

One ‘given’ in poker is its unpredictability. ARGENTINABOY, who entered the final table as clear chipleader, almost 2 million chips ahead of his nearest rival, failed to capitalize on his advantage. Despite being the only player to threaten THEDECANO on the final table, twice depleting his competitor’s stack with trip tens holding J-10, and eliciting some bold bets from him, ARGENTINABOY’s run was brought to a premature end when he tangled with THEDECANO pre-Flop. When the Flop delivered 2d-Ad-10h, THEDECANO’s Ac-Kh connected. ARGENTINABOY’s pocket nines needed some help, but when the Turn and the River were blanks, he was sent packing in 3rd place, and had to be consoled with his $93,758 pay out.

Another thing that’s sure about the game of poker is when Lady Luck has chosen ’sides,’ it seems that all the cards fall one way. It played out that way for THEDECANO, who powered his way through the final nine, and was single-handedly responsible for seven of the eight eliminations, bar 7th placed SHAGGYCHIPS, whose As-Qs was outshone by IBIZADREAMS pocket “Ladies.”

The Heads Up clash, lasting ten hands only, came down to THEDECANO versus IBIZADREAMS with the final hand seeing the short stacked IBIZADREAMS raise All-In from the Small Blind. THEDECANO immediately Called. The Flop came Jc-Kh-3h, the Turn brought the Ad, connecting with THEDECANO’s 2h-Ah, and the River brought the 3c. IBIZADREAMS showed the 8d-Kd for Two Pair, kings and threes, but it just wasn’t good enough on the day to beat THEDECANO’s Two Pair, aces and threes. The Championship title, the commemorative UBOC watch and $231,338.80 were all shipped to our newly crowned UBOC6 NLH Champion, THEDECANO at 04:13 ET this morning.

Host: PRAHLAD (Finished 210th)
Buy-in: $1000+50
Prize Pool: $1,036,000
Entrants: 1,036
Places Paid: 99

1. THEDECANO — $231,338.80
2. IBIZADREAMS — $138,306.00
3. ARGENTINABOY — $93,758.00
4. BOAHGERDING — $66,822.00
5. CHADBROCHIL1 — $56,462.00
6. DIESLANGE — $46,102.00
7. SHAGGYCHIPS — $35,742.00
8. HULK_SMASH — $25,382.00
9. PKAISER — $17,612.00

Other Notables: Team UB’s BRANDONCANTU in 12th place ($10,878), HARDCORY3011 in 16th place ($6,423.20), PRINCESSDONK in 36th place ($4,558.40), XTHESTEINX in 42nd and PEARLJAMMED in 44th place ($3,936.80 each).

UB’S sophomore $50K GTD Mini-UBOC Championship event ran parallel to the $1 Million GTD. Almost a contradiction in terms, the $50+5 buy-in Mini-UBOC Championship attracted a super-sized field of 1,664 players, competing for the $83,200 prize pool. In the end it was JEWISHTHUNDER who triumphed, outlasting 1,663 of his poker peers to pocket the very healthy $17,646.72 first prize payout.

New to the UBOC6 schedule was a $100K GTD NLH Deep Stack Ultra Turbo Closer tourney at 18:30 ET, a couple of hours post Championship kick off. Designed to offer players who’d been KO’d early from the $1 Million GTD a shot at recouping some of their bankroll, it drew 396 players back to the UB felt. It was a $300+20 buy-in, generating $118,800 in prize money and paying the top 36 places. In what was one of the shortest tournaments of the UBOC series, taking NATASHA99 from Quebec, just over two hours to bank the $29,700 first prize.
UBOC6 Event #29 NLH Deep Stack Ultra Turbo $100K GTD
Host: TEAM UB     1. NATASHA99 ($29,700.00)
Buy-in: $300+20     2. THEMILTMAN ($17,998.20)
Prize Pool: $118,800     3. FERGWRX ($12,474.00)
Entrants: 396     4. AIRKID3 ($9,207.00)
Places Paid: 36    

Other Notables: Team UB’s BRYAN_DEVO in 10th and MURMAIDER in 11th place ($1,485 each), XTHESTEINX in 21st and POCKET00 in 23rd place ($772.20), and HOLLYWOODDAVE IN 34th place ($653.40)

UB’s sixth Online Championship series, January 16th through 30th, 2011, featured over $5 Million in tournament guarantees and prize money, and presented an exciting calendar of various tournament buy-ins across a range of popular poker disciplines, including No Limit Texas Hold’em, HORSE, Pot Limit Omaha, 8-Game Mix, 4-MAX, 6-MAX, Ultra Turbo, Heads Up and more.

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