Full Tilt Poker became the most hated firm in online poker a couple of months ago. However, poker players have turned their attention to a new scandal. Last week, UB.com data from customer accounts was leaked to the public.  The information of about 3.5 million accounts was released.

An anonymous individual posted the data on a website. He or she then placed links to the website on two separate Internet forums. The rogue left the links up for a short time before deleting them. The motive of the poster is unknown.

Although the link was only available for eight minutes, anyone who saw the link could have copied it and downloaded the leaked data.

Is this UB.com’s biggest scandal since Black Friday? You decide.

Possible customer data that may have been leaked may have included: customer names, screen names, contact information (including email and billing addresses), IP addresses, account balance information and any blacklists the customers may have been on. The individual or individuals behind this also created a column in their spreadsheet called “password.” However, the information in that column does not appear to correspond with actual passwords to any account.

While there is some reason to be concerned, spokespersons from Subject:Poker said there is probably no reason to panic. No social security numbers or financial information was leaked. Most of this information was already available to anyone who wanted to find it. Any private information would also be mostly useless to criminals.

The biggest concern would be anyone trying to gain access to customer emails. The other information could contain hints to possible passwords. However, if customers change their passwords, they should be fine.

Of course, this information may be particularly embarrassing to customers wishing to keep their online poker habits secret. However, Subject: Poker does not expect this information to be widely distributed. Also, the information is very disorganized and unlikely to be usable by anyone who gets their hands on it.

What do you think about the information that got leaked from UB.com? Share your thoughts in the forums.

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