Twitter is one of the best ways for casino affiliates to tap mobile players through content marketing and its recent ad targeting expansion makes it an even better bet.

The popular micro-blogging service already has a pretty robust advertising dashboard that allows advertisers to target users by interest and user name. For example, a poker affiliate could target accounts that include some form of @poker in their name, or just blast out to a broader group that’s interested in poker.

Though that program is still relatively new, Twitter is beefing it up in a big way by allowing advertisers to target users on specific mobile devices and/or by whether they’re using WiFi or a land-based Internet connection.

This is huge news for affiliates who are looking to expand their player base through mobile app development or advanced content marketing techniques.

For example, affiliates who is looking to promote a bonus finding or poker app can not only target users on specific devices, they can also break down engagement metrics by device.

It’s also a great tool for affiliates who want to target specific countries where older mobile operating systems and devices are still fairly common.

When combined with Twitter’s other, very granular advertising data, this becomes a very powerful tool.

In a blog posting describing the update, Twitter ad product manager, Kelton Lee pointed out that the data generated from Twitter advertising is good both for executing short-term campaigns, as well as planning for future campaigns.

For more information on how to utilize Twitter advertising, check out (Twitter log-in required).

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