turkeyAs we all know, player retention is where the real money is made in the casino affiliate business. Essentially, when someone pays you depending on how much money your referred users spend then it’s in your best interest to keep those users happy at all times.

Getting players to convert in Turkey can be a difficult task for some scenarios. For instance, if you create a site on a .com domain and write all your content in English then don’t expect much… But that’s just one of the issues, so let’s take it from the top:

Proper Domain Name

This isn’t actually about the whole domain name, but about the TLD you use. Even though you can’t register a .tr domain, you can still (and should) get one of the variations: .com.tr, .web.tr, .net.tr, or .biz.tr.

Getting a local domain is always the first step when we want to be able to talk to our target audience. This way they know that your site was designed to provide content just for them.


Another obvious element, yet still worth mentioning. You absolutely need to create all your content and promotional material in Turkish. Otherwise people will simply pay no attention, or you’ll loose a big chunk of possible leads and profits (the best case scenario).

How to do it? First of all, online translators are not an option. They are not accurate, so they only ensure your readers that you’re not very serious about what you’re doing.

Hiring a translator is the expensive solution. A cheaper one is to find a native speaker online and hire them to translate your content.

Remain Connected

When you get your leads don’t just send them over to various online casinos. Putting them on your mailing list (double opt-in) is a lot better solution.

That way you can remind them of your existence, send them content, tips, and occasional promotions.

Remember, the main idea of a newsletter is that it’s content-driven, not promotion-driven.

Provide Gaming Tips

There are only two reasons why your players would want to come back to your site. Getting some quality gaming tips is the first one.

Online gaming is one of those things that require some skill before players can consider themselves good at it. Even though teaching players how to win is not in your best interest, this is how you get credibility and how you can create a brand around your site.

There is a vast abundance of tips in the “English internet.” Translating them into Turkish and publishing on your site should work well.

Bonuses and Promotions

Getting a so-called good deal is the other reason why players would want to come back to your site.

As an affiliate, you have access to various marketing tools provided by the casinos you promote. Some of them allow you to create tailor-made bonuses, which you can then share with your readers.

Essentially, this is how you give them a reason to join a casino through your link instead of doing it through some other way.

Also, many casinos run daily and monthly promotions. Every promotion comes with a set of marketing materials (banners, etc.) you can use on your site. The best affiliate programs provide those materials in multiple languages, so you won’t even have to get them translated.

In the end, you can improve your player conversions in Turkey by building trust and reputation. Providing solid content both in terms of advice and promotions works every time.

What is your experience with Turkish players? Are you happy with the conversions you get?

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