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Invest in Bitcoin, They’re Utraceable…
Last year at this time the Bitcoin market was positively on fire. The digital currency was trading at over $1,000 (USD) and its future looked very, very bright.

Well, that was then and this is now.

After a few ill-timed scandals (including the bust of the infamous Silk Road) and security lapses, the Bitcoin market suffered some serious setbacks in 2014. Besides losing a bit of consumer confidence, Bitcoin crashed to around $315. Still a pretty good deal if you bought it at $.50 a couple years back, but nowhere near what speculators were hoping for.

Bitcoin is still a pretty misunderstood currency and has a long ways to go before it sees anything like widespread buy-in from everyday consumers. So hold off on your big Bitcoin investments, but don’t be afraid to dabble in it a bit.

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