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New Jersey’s Got a Snowball’s Chance…
We all wanted to believe that New Jersey could win its Quixotic battle to legalize sports wagering and save the floundering casinos in Atlantic City.

And why wouldn’t we?

There’s no good reason why regulated sports wagering shouldn’t be allowed in New Jersey or anywhere else in the world. The simple fact is that sports betting is illegal because the commissioners of the five big sports leagues don’t want it and have the political clout to enforce their will.

If Roger Goodell and his buddies were really concerned about potential game fixing, they would advocate legalization. After all, regulated markets tend to expose funny business a lot better than illegal markets.

The commissioners also don’t need to worry too much about gambling tarnishing their brand and alienating their fan bases. After all, it’s those same fans who are supporting the multi-billion dollar illegal sports betting industry as it is today.

So thanks for fighting the good fight New Jersey. We thought you had something more than a snowball’s chance, but that’s just not how it worked out.

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