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Question 5. When will I be paid?!

Let’s tackle the question in two ways, for the first let’s assume, the affiliate knows what date the payments will be made, however the deadline has passed and they still did not receive the money.

When this happens, a) check you reached the minimum deposit, b) check your bank details are in the payment system and they are correct (unbelievable how many affiliates do not enter their payment details and don’t even input a valid contact address!), c) check whether you received a communication from the operator in question, if not get in touch with the affiliate manager to find out what is going on.

There can be many reasons payments are not made on time but hopefully they are administrative reasons and not cash flow related.

For the second part, and this is very common, affiliates ask about a payment right after the player has signed up and generated revenue. This could even be half way through a month.

When you see that a player has signed up and generated revenue, what you need to do is, check the FAQ’s to see whether the commission or CPA you will receive from the revenue generated by the player meets the minimum payment requirement which is usually $50. Also remember that payments are usually paid out the following month after the commission has been triggered. For example, May commission will be paid out sometime in June (the following month).

I hope you enjoyed reading this and you found it useful. Your comments are very welcome. Please feel free to post your comments below and I will respond as soon as possible. I too try to juggle clients around although I am no longer working for a gaming operator but a digital marketing agency offering services to the gaming industry.

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