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Question 4. Can I have an exclusive casino/poker/sports bonus? The best one available!

Affiliate managers usually receive these queries from affiliates and they can usually accommodate them by providing them with a custom bonus name using their website’s letters, for example RBL500 for a poker website called ‘Rakebacklovers’. Depending on the affiliate’s performance they may also be able to trial no deposit bonuses or standard deposit bonuses with better terms. The bonuses can be measured and if performance is good, they would be maintained, if not they could change around the terms until they find a bonus which works.

Affiliates like to have exclusive bonuses on their website – it shows their visitors they are different from the rest of the poker websites. However I would like to emphasize again on the importance of providing value to your visitors by investing your own money too (not necessarily through the use of bonuses). Think up special promotions just for the visitors on your website. For example offer them poker books, poker gear, poker tickets, poker videos, poker strategy etc. Do some research and find out what players are looking for.

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