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Question 3: Affiliate asks, “Do you have an exclusive promotions for my site?”

Coming from a new affiliate with not a single money player.

We can have the following scenarios:

a) Yes. The affiliate manager agrees to the exclusive promotion request because it falls within their budget and/or the affiliate meets their criteria to be granted an exclusive promotion.
b) Maybe. The affiliate manager may have some budget but they want to ensure they invest their money wisely so they set rules and targets in place to reduce risk. An example of the criteria could be, the affiliate needs to generate a certain number of new active players or depositing players before they can run a semi-exclusive or a fully exclusive affiliate promotion with them.
c) No. The affiliate manager rejects the offer because they do not have budget for this, however the affiliate is asked to use their current promotions.

When this happens with a brand you can either re-visit the situation once you have some real money players on board and are generating a decent amount of commission. Or you can invest some money into your business to fund the desired promotion yourself. For example if you are running a poker website – Poker players which rake a certain amount would be entitled to a poker book, let’s say the Super System II by Doyle Brunson. It’s a cool promotion which will entice new poker players and you don’t need to invest much as you are only rewarding the players which have raked a certain amount.

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