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Question 2. Can I have a CPA deal? Followed by three digit number proposal like $150 …or $300.

Please note the operator is expected to hand out a $300 payment for players which pay minimum deposit of $20 for example.

This question is frequently received by affiliate managers. Again it depends on the gaming operator really. I mean if they have payback targets to meet they will always offer CPA deals offset by some difficult targets such as a CPA of $150 for new players which wager $300 for example. Others who don’t have any payback targets to meet or are not heavily monitored by finance analysts usually are more flexible and tend to offer close if not, match what has been requested of them. I.e. They will easily accept a $150 CPA deal for new players which deposit the minimum $20.

What happens when your CPA deal request has been rejected? Or you have been asked to meet certain terms? Do you move on to another operator? Or do you accept their offer?

Many a time, the affiliate manager will reject your CPA deal and when this happens, if it is a brand you are keen to promote, wait and see what deal you manage to get and try it out. If you are offered a revenue share based deal, try it out. Some of the best affiliates out there are on revenue share deals. If you are not too keen on the brand and adamant about getting CPA, try another operator, 888 are usually quite generous.

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