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Affiliates United

As their affiliate you can promote brands like William Hill Casino, which accepts players from South Africa. However, they don’t accept payments in ZAR, so players have to make their deposits in EUR or USD.

The affiliate program offers basic commissions of 25% on a revenue-share basis. However, there’s a special promotion going on that will give you 70%/50%/40% commissions for the first three months.

The program is rated with 5 stars in our directory.

Example review: “I’ve been working with Affiliates United for some months now, and it’s been amazing the things we were capable to accomplish together.”

Affiliate Edge

One of the brands in Affiliate Edge’s portfolio – Club SA Casino – is targeted specifically towards the South African market. Players can make deposits in ZAR via several different payment methods.

When it comes to commissions, Affiliate Edge offers up to 50% commissions for your first two months. After that it’s 40%, which is still a great deal.

The program is rated with 5 stars in our directory.

Example review: “With Affiliate Edge and it’s casinos, you’ll know straight away that this is a program and a group of people you can trust. This program is run fairly and consistently. If you’re not working with Affiliate Edge, you really are missing out on something special and PROFITABLE!”

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