1. FBI Seizes Major Poker Domains: You heard it here first, people. When Black Friday struck, PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, UB.com and Absolute Poker went down, and brought nearly the whole US online gambling market with them.

2. Affiliate Interview: Brian Buckley, Zero to $100,000: Winley Marketing CEO Brian Buckley divulged his secrets to success, including how he went from earning nothing to $100K per month after only a few short months in the industry.

3. How A Single Mother of Four Became a Casino Affiliate Rockstar: Christine “bonustreak” proves that she’s lightyears apart from the stay-at-home mom stereotype. Check out her video interview to learn how she does!

4. Domain Name Hyphens and Their Effects on SEO and Branding: Affiliates wanted to know if it makes sense to include hyphens in their domain names. Or, more to the point, is it better for their SEO efforts if they are — or aren’t — there?

5. DC Will Regulate Online Gambling; Updates for Nevada, Florida, Hawaii: The day before Black Friday struck, rumors were flying that Washington DC was going to be the first state to legalize online gambling. Little did anyone know, the Department of Justice was going to step in the next day to shut it all down.

6. Worst Gambling Affiliate Programs: We took the guesswork out of the worst affiliate programs and presented the ten worst ones, based on affiliates’ feedback.

7. How To Attract 500,000 Monthly Visitors: Video interviews proved to be popular amongst affiliates this year, and this one with Nik Zugic of Latest Casino Bonuses proved to be no exception.

8. Full Tilt Poker, What Went Wrong?: Former PokerStars manager Scott Yeates weighed in on what really went down at Full Tilt Poker.

9. Infographic: Is Online Gambling Your Best Bet?: Ever wondered what the highest winning jackpot at an online casino was? How about how many billions of dollars that online poker could generate for the US if it was legalized? In this infographic, we told you what you need to know when it comes to online gambling.

10. Use Blog Commenting to Build Backlinks: One of the top ways to get your site noticed quickly, and to increase your backlinks, is to use blog commenting.

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