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Sydney Ifergan

Scoop SEO/Sydney Ifergan

Sydney Ifergan is an Israeli-based affiliate who’s covered a lot of ground during his time in the industry.

Though he wears a number of different hats, and freelances with a number of different companies, most of his career has been built on a solid foundation of top-notch SEO efforts.

These days he’s specializing in mobile SEO techniques and operates an agency called Scoop SEO. Scoop’s approach toward SEO is nicely encapsulated in the company’s refreshingly straightforward mission statement, “Trust…Time…Result.”

Ifergan isn’t nearly as involved in igaming as he once was and spends 80%-90% of his affiliate efforts on binary options. He’s now the SEO and mobile director for iOption, where he is responsible for Mobile Strategy and Funnels, optimizing mobile traffic and managing B2B relationships and leading aspects of SEO.

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