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Stanley Tomchin

Stanley “Monty” Tomchin

Stanley “Monty” Tomchin is accused of heading up a massive illegal online gambling ring based off a site called, PinnacleSports.com. Pinnacle was a highly organized, and quite massive, site that catered to a worldwide sports betting clientele.

The whole operation has been, tentatively, linked to East Coast organized crime groups. Given that some of Tomchin’s co-defendant’s include guys with names like, Jerald “Rocket” Branca, Steven “Fats” Diano, John “Tugs” Tognino, Michael “Chinese Mike,” that doesn’t seem like a wild accusation.

At the same time, one of the other big names at Pinnacle was Michael Colbert, the race and sports director for Cantor Gaming and sports book manager at the M Resort.

The Pinnacle case is still working its way through the systems and isn’t likely to be resolved anytime soon.

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