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NORTH AMERICA – Dealer Dan – Affiliate Bible

The words, “GeoCities website,” and successful businessman aren’t used in the same sentence very often, but they are when you’re telling the story of Dealer Dan (Graeme).

Dan started his, now massive, affiliate marketing business with a few WWE/WWF-oriented sites on the long-shuttered Facebook prototype back in 1998. He quickly moved from there into adult affiliate sites and then to casino/poker sites and hasn’t looked back since.

By 2003 he quit a cushy government job and devoted himself completely to his fast growing business.

Despite confessing to having an, “impulsive personality,” Dan is actually a pretty conservative guy. His advice to affiliates who are trying to decide whether to pursue the business full-time is:

…don’t go full-time into internet marketing until you’ve earned $5,000 minimum a month(net) over the last 12 months, and you have $50,000+ worth of savings to support you. At least this way, you’ll be mentally prepared if the worst happens.

Dan also recommends going to business and shoring up your skills before getting involved in any business.

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