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Richard Skelhorn on the high seas.

Richard Skelhorn, Co-Founder, Mandalay Media Group

Richard Skelhorn co-founded the Mandalay Media Group back in 2000 with his partner, Alex Holt. For the next eight years, the two men had an incredible run in the bingo business with portals like BingoChoice and CasinoChoice.

Bolstered by their success in the affiliate game, they moved on to bigger and better things by establishing themselves as operators under the Mandalay Gaming Limited banner with massive sites like CostaBingo.com. Since then, they’ve gone on to become legends in the bingo world and even hosted the largest online bingo jackpot ever.

Not content to simply dominate the industry, their company has also embarked on their own, in-house, software development to keep on the cutting edge of the bingo world.

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