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Avi Shaked

Avi and Aaron Shaked, Founders, 888 Holdings

Every family run business can look to Avi and Aaron Shaken to see exactly what big-time success looks like. The two brothers co-founded 888 Holdings with another set of brothers ( Shay and Ron Ben Yitzhak) back in 1998.

Aaron is the one who originally came up the idea to go into the casino business, but all the men took a chunk of the initial risk by mortgaging their homes. Though  they’re still close, the brothers have taken different paths since their fortune grew.

Avi is extremely active in Israeli politics and bills himself as the, “socialist millionaire.” Aaron is a very generous philanthropist who once said, “I already have a lot of money. I’m not going to eat in a better restaurant or buy a new car. I’ve already done all those things.”

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