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Right now, the site has more than 7 million backlinks, according to the data provided by Majestic SEO.

However, the total number of unique referring domains is only 36,700. This is an indication that PokerListings.com uses a wide network of sites that are linking to them on multiple occasions.

Also, there are 79 .edu and .gov domains linking to the site, with more than 1,400 links. The belief that .gov and .edu links are an important part of every good backlinking profile stands strong here.

Finally, Majestic SEO reports that – on average – out of every 1000 links:

  • 2 are ACRank9,
  • 17 are ACRank 8,
  • 64 are ACRank 7,
  • 127 are ACRank 6,
  • 256 are ACRank 5,
  • and 534 are ACRank 4.

This means that PokerListings.com doesn’t focus on building their links from weak, new domains. Almost all links come from respected domains that have good backlinking profiles themselves.

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