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Customers of MailUp are encouraged via their slogan to “Be Relevant”. That’s exactly what email marketing is all about. Stay relevant with you players with MailUp’s gambling affiliate-friendly services.

MailUp uses a unique pay-per-speed pricing service. Customers decide how fast they want email marketing messages dispatched and are then suggested a corresponding amount of bandwidth to purchase. MailUp can be really affordable if you don’t mind your messages taking a while to dispatch to all subscribers.

With MailUp, you buy bandwidth and nothing else. Customers are free to send as many messages to as many subscribers as they wish within the framework of the bandwidth they have purchased.

MailUp will soon be releasing social media publishing. These features will allow customers to post scheduled messages on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms as well as track detailed reports. They also offer text messaging marketing services.

What is your preferred ESP for iGaming affiliate marketing? Please share in our forums.

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