This post shows a roundup of the top 5 highest rated Binary options affiliate programs. Find out who’s in the top five, and what other affiliates had to say about these programs. Affiliates


The program has the average rating of 5 starts (maximum) and provides affiliate programs for Forex and Binary options.

The standard commissions are at 25%, and you can do business in markets like: Canada, US, and most major European markets.

There’s also a special promotion going on for CAP members. If you get more than 25 conversions in a month, you get a free iPad.

An example review: “24option affiliate program is simply excellent; great tools and platform. Payments on time. But the real added value is the perfect communication with the team and especially the affiliate manager, Emma, who does an outstanding job. keep up the great work guys!”

iOption Partners


The program enables affiliates to promote Forex and Binary options offers, and pays out standard commissions of 25%. However, there’s a promotion going on that gives you up to 100% first deposit bonus. Also, there’s another promotion for CAP members, which gives you up to $500 CPA, and provides you with customized banners and landing pages.

As a member of the program you can do business in markets such as: Canada, Australia, Mexico, and most major European markets.

An example review: “I started working with this program a few months back and am very pleased with the affiliate team along with the amount of options for marketing materials given to affiliates.”

RushBucks Affiliate Program


With the average ranking of 5 stars, the program stands strong among the top Binary options affiliate programs. It offers standard commissions of 25% (for both, Binary options and Forex), and lets you target your promotions towards audiences in: Canada, US, UK, France, and Australia.

Also, there’s an exclusive promotion for CAP members. You can get up to $200 CPA and up to 35% lifetime revenue share.

An example review: “[…] The service I get is first rate, the conversions are excellent, and the open and candid dialogue between us is something that every affiliate dreams of. For such a young brand I am amazed at how forward thinking these guys are.”

OptionsClick Affiliate Program


OptionsClick advertises itself as the best converting Binary options brand on the internet. The program offers standard commissions of 25%, and lets you do business in all major markets, including: US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.

There’s also access to real-time reports, affiliate tracking tools, a dedicated banner server, and you get a personal affiliate manager.

Finally, for CAP affiliates there’s an additional $500 activation bonus.

An example review: “I been working with OptionsClick since they launched their affiliate program. Very quickly they become our best account. […] I would recommend OptionsClick to anyone!”



As a member of this program you get to promote TraderXP – one of the most recognizable Binary options trading platforms.

The standard commission is 25%, and you can do business in an impressive number of 17 markets, including: Canada, US, Australia, Mexico, and most major European markets.

An example review: “I have been working with optiontide and the traderXP affiliate team for more than a year. Excellent team and affiliate platform.”

This closes our list of top 5 highest rated binary options affiliate programs. Now it’s your turn to share … what’s your best converting program?

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