SEOlytics is an affordable solution for anyone who’s looking for reliable data and isn’t interested in Moz or Raven Tools for some reason.

The Pricing and Plans

SEOlytics offers three main packages:


This one is free, which is something we don’t see every day. However, the functionality is a bit limited so its main purpose is to give you an insight into how the tool works and if it’s something you can get value from.

This free plan allows you to monitor just one domain and only 10 keywords. Also, the only supported search engine is Google. When it comes to backlinks, you can only monitor 20 of them, and you get limited access to reports.


Their main plan is available at 99 EUR a month. It allows you to monitor 2 different domains and 50 keywords, which isn’t such a great upgrade, but should be enough for most affiliates. You can monitor up to 500 links and browse through data from Google, Bing, and Yandex.

You also get access to branded reports and one hour of phone support per month.


The top-of-the-line plan is simply an upgrade to the PRO plan. It’s available at 399 EUR a month. With it, you can monitor 5 domains and 550 keywords in total across 30 countries. Similarly, the data comes from Google, Bing, and Yandex. The biggest improvement can be seen in link monitoring. With this plan, you can have your eye on 2000 links in total.

Lastly, you get unlimited email and phone support, and also exclusive access to training webinars.

Main Features

SEOlytics has a handful of main modules. Together, they give you a complete look into the SEO condition of your site. The modules include:

SEO Research. Offering:

  • A close look at what your competition is up to.
  • A keyword research module.
  • A universal search rankings functionality.

SEO Monitoring. Offering:

  • Daily visibility rank.
  • Daily rankings for your most important keywords.
  • International rankings monitoring.
  • Keyword potential analysis tool.

SEA. Offering:

  • Ad monitoring – analyze how your competition is doing with paid ads.

Linkbuilding. Offering:

  • Domainfinder. Find domains that are good link building prospects.
  • Linkhunter. It helps you optimize your link acquisition workflow.
  • Linkmonitor. Monitor your backlinks and make sure they’re live.

Backlinks. Offering:

  • Backlink overview. Analyze your backlink KPIs and backlink history.
  • Historic backlink database. Filter and explore your most crucial backlinks.
  • Link discovery rate. Take a look at a domain’s historical link growth.

One of the more advanced features is the API. SEOlytics actually encourages you to develop third-party software that would use SEOlytics’ data. The API supports CSV, XML, HTML, and JSON.

Should You Get It?

In a word, yes. Trying out their starter plan costs nothing and it will give you a good insight into what’s inside. It’s also worth keeping in mind that each of the SEO tools on the market has a slightly different approach at gathering and presenting data, so you can always find something interesting in every tool you test.

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