RankAbove is an SEO platform for enterprise-level businesses, and also the next tool in our series of the best SEO tools reviews.

RankAbove – The Company

There are two main things that the company behind RankAbove offers their clients:

  1. Their SEO software.
  2. Their SEO software + custom SEO services.

We’re going to discuss the software in a minute, but let’s start with the services first.

In this day and age, not every online business owner has the time to dedicate to their SEO presence and site optimization in general. And on top of that, there will always be certain things that a professional will do better than you, no matter how much time you have at your disposal. This is exactly where RankAbove’s services come into play.

There are three main types of services that the company offers:

  • Site audit – this is where a professional analyzes your site, finds any existing SEO issues, and then repairs them upon your approval.

  • Site rollover – this is a one-of-a-kind service that we haven’t seen anywhere else so far. Its purpose is to help you re-launch and redesign your site if needed. A skilled professional will guide you through the process, taking care of every important detail.

  • Penalty removal – probably the most useful service on this short list. As a site owner, someday, you may encounter a problem with your site losing rankings due to Google penalizing it. RankAbove delegates a professional to you who will build a strategy to get the penalty removed.

The Software

The main software offered by RankAbove consists of three modules:

  • On-page Optimization.
  • Keyword Management.
  • Backlink Analysis.

On-page Optimization

Although the name of the module itself may sound familiar (similar modules are present in other tools), the actual functionality sets it apart from the competition.

It provides not only standard holistic website examination, but also goes into your site’s optimization on the micro-level to identify some of the more detailed issues.

Keyword Management

The module allows you to not only track your most important keywords but also discover new ones. Hence, making it possible to increase your search engine presence even further.

You get access to various measurement tools that let you know what the potential of certain keywords is, and whether or not they’re worth pursuing.

Backlink Analysis

The final module of RankAbove is all about providing you top-of-the-line backlink monitoring and analysis. Its main features include:

  • Link tracking – lets you know which links are live, what their status is and whether or not they need your attention.
  • Harmful links – in 2013, not all links are good for SEO. In fact, negative SEO is already a thing and it can impact your site’s position in the search engines significantly. This module will help you identify all those harmful links.
  • Link history – it’s always good to have a way of looking at your link building history and be able to tell which links did benefit your site in the long run and which didn’t. This module allows you to do so.

How to Get It

RankAbove works on a request-a-demo basis. Which is quite popular these days for high end SEO management tools and services.

Before you can buy it, you will get some training and an extensive demonstration of the tool’s capabilities.

In the end, the tool is recommended for affiliates running a handful of sites, and those that don’t necessarily have the time to optimize each of their sites by hand.

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