BrightEdge is another candidate in our series of reviews of the best SEO tools in the upper-end range of what’s available in the market.

If you’re a seasoned affiliate, those tools provide an interesting new opportunity that you can leverage in building your site’s brand and popularity.

The Modules

Where BrightEdge stands very strong is the number of modules that are available as part of the tool and the depth of each individual module.

The Dashboards

The most important element of the tool, and probably the one you’ll be using most often, is the home screen featuring customizable dashboards, reporting and forecasting sections.

The dashboards are a great way for you to adjust the tool to your own needs, to make sure that the home screen displays only the details that are crucial for your site’s daily SEO health report.

SEO Forecasting

Forecasting is one of the toughest elements of good SEO. In other words, there is no point chasing high rankings for specific keywords if we are not sure what profits those keywords can bring.

You can create new forecasts based on rankings, difficulty score, search volume, and other factors. This will help you identify the high-impact keywords that you should target next.

Reporting and Rankings

Reporting and daily ranking checks are an integral part of ongoing SEO work. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to make the right decision and plan your next SEO efforts effectively.

The reporting module in BrightEdge analyzes not only your own but also your competitors’ rankings across various media (audio, video, standard) and multiple keywords. There’s also the possibility to take the reports local and check how well your site’s performing in over 140 major cities.

Additionally, the ranking module gives you yet another dashboard – the daily dashboard. It’s a great insight into the daily changes in your rankings.

SEO Recommendations

There’s just so much going on in the background that overlooking an important detail is more than easy. That’s why every quality SEO tool should have an SEO recommendations module. And BrightEdge indeed offers one.

Inside, you’ll find things like:

  • keyword recommendations – what keywords to focus on, and how to optimize your site for those keywords,
  • page manager – a wide range of on-page SEO recommendations,
  • competitive recommendations – what to do based on what’s going on in your niche and with your competitors’ sites,
  • social recommendations – where to focus your efforts in social media,
  • site audit – analyze your site and its structure.

Other Modules and Sections

It turns out that BrightEdge has a lot more to offer than what we can cover in this short review. Some of the additional modules include:

  • Backlink management – track your links and monitor their status.
  • Content centric SEO – analyze your content and use it as your main SEO tool.
  • Social SEO – use social media and social metrics to grow your site’s position in the search engines.
  • Local, global, and mobile SEO – everything there is to monitor for personalized rankings.
  • Competitive analysis – find out what your competition is doing.
  • Project management – get your team in on your SEO campaigns so you can work together.

How to Get It?

BrightEdge is not available just like that. To get in, you’ll have to request a demo and work with a representative. They will give you the complete tutorial on how to get started and use the tool. They will also help you choose the best plan for your site.

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